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Over 1 million Psalm 91 Bandanas have been distributed worldwide since March of 2003!

How It All Began     by Jill Boyce

 I began to pray for our military in the fall of 2002 because I sensed we would be going to war. As the new year of 2003 began, I asked God for a way to encourage others to join me in prayer for our military. The third week in January, He answered my prayer. I had an intense dream wherein I was in the middle of hand-to-hand combat between our troops and those of Saddam Hussein. There was a lot of bloodshed. It was a terrible dream that I will never forget. As I awoke from this dream, I felt I was to begin praying for protection for our troops. That’s all I knew to do, so I fell back asleep praying. The next day I envisioned a handkerchief with camouflage on it. Down the middle of the handkerchief was printed Psalm 91. I immediately went to my Bible to look it up, and even though I had read it before, I was astounded at the words! Psalm 91 seemed to address every threat involved in battle!

Searching the web for Psalm 91, I found a story that called the Psalm "The Soldier's Prayer" and that soldiers in World War I who said the Psalm every day before going into combat were miraculously protected from death in a time of great carnage. I knew I had to get these handkerchiefs with Psalm 91 printed on them to the soldiers before the Iraqi war started. I bought 79 bandanas from Army/Navy stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and had them printed.

Meanwhile, I had contacted a chaplain at Fort Hood, Texas, Chaplain Jim Combs, who said he would be able to receive the bandanas. Once those were delivered, I found a way to order the bandanas in bulk and had them printed up, initially using my income tax refund money. My daughter and I went to Fort Hood to deliver them as troops from the 4th ID were deploying to Iraq. We were able to give out over two thousand. The demand continued to increase, and there were many requests to purchase them. Since then, they have been distributed all over the world, yet the mission has only just begun. I am still called to get them to the troops – and now to police, firefighters, and anyone needing comfort and protection.

Right now, our country - and the world - are in great need of comfort and protection. We've been experiencing natural disasters, threats of terrorism, and a great economic shaking. I personally believe God provided these bandanas, dog tags, and other carriers of Psalm 91 "for such a time as this" so that we can draw strength from His Word wherever we go. Each of my children and grandchildren has a Psalm 91 bandana. I use one in prayer and keep one with me in my purse. I've talked to many military men and women who cherished theirs and kept one with them while on missions or guard duty overseas.

My mission is still to get a Psalm 91 bandana or dog tag to every serviceman or woman who wants one. Recently, it has grown to include all those who could use a little comfort and protection. I want to see America covered with God's protection and power through Psalm 91, and I would like to see people in other countries experience the same thing, as Ireland, Haiti, Mexico and Israel already have.

Jill P. Boyce
"The Bandana Lady"

why we do this:

  • To support our great country!
  • To encourage our military men and women and their families.
  • To support and honor our veterans.
  • To support our Police, Firefighters, Sheriffs' Departments, Border Patrol and First Responders.
  • To support Israel and the IDF.

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