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                                             ENCOURAGING OUR POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS
Several years ago, the Garland Prayer Support Team (GPS), led by Sandra Dinkins, provided their police and firefighters with Psalm 91 Bandanas as Christmas gifts. 

It is the prayer and vision of the GPS team for all Police and Fire Departments in our nation to have these bandanas.

Other groups and churches from cities all over the nation are now joining them by providing Psalm 91 Bandanas for their Police and Fire Departments. Please call or email me for more information if you and your church or civic group would like to do the same.

To help out with our ongoing project to provide Psalm 91 Bandanas to our Police Officers, please click 
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Thank you,
Jill P Boyce



We want to bless and pray for Israel, “the Apple of God’s eye,” at every opportunity. One way God has enabled us to do that is by giving IDF soldiers and others in need of protection in Israel the Psalm 91 Bandanas with the Psalm written in Hebrew. It all started with a dentist from Louisiana who ordered 400 of the Olive Drab Hebrew bandanas for his church group to give away as they traveled in Israel. Since then, many groups and individuals have done the same thing. I often use the bandana as a prayer cloth when praying for Israel, and I know others do so, as well.  If you also have a heart for Israel and want to support Israel and its people, please join us in praying for them, and consider buying some Hebrew bandanas to send over to a nation that is in need of God’s comfort and protection.