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The Power of Prayer

(In loving memory of Army Mom, Judith Cook)

A few years back, Judith Cook, an Army mom, called to order bandanas for her son Nick and his unit from Ft. Sill, Oklahoma - 150 soldiers - deploying to a dangerous part of Iraq. Judith was told that because of what this unit would be doing, (delivering supplies on a dangerous route to the Baghdad Airport), they were expecting extremely high casualties. She was asked to begin making comfort quilts for the families of soldiers who might not be returning.  Judith was told that the casualty rate could reach fifty percent! That would be 75 soldiers! She could not accept this and asked God for a solution. 

Searching the web, Judith found our website with  the Psalm 91 camouflage bandanas and called me to order enough for everyone in Nick's unit. She told me later how she had talked to the soldiers in Nick's group as she handed out the bandanas, telling them to be sure to say this Psalm every day before their missions.  During the deployment, Nick's unit was attacked almost daily with IEDs, mortars and snipers. There were countless stories of mortars that never detonated and explosions nearby, along with ambushes on their Humvees, but Nick's group suffered no injuries.  

Day after day, these soldiers gathered and prayed Psalm 91, taking their bandanas with them on missions. After almost one year in Iraq, Nick and his unit - all 150 soldiers - returned home safely. I believe God's Word, in tangible form on a bandana, together with the power of prayer, was at work here.  

I got some of the details of this story from Kay Gibson, a member of the Houston Marine Moms at the time, who worked with her group, giving Psalm 91 Bandanas to countless Marines.  The group still actively provides these bandanas for Marines. Thanks, Kay, and all the Houston Marine Moms! [And many thanks to Judith, who is now in Heaven.